Gameboy Advance port of Microsoft Mobile Explorer 3.4244


You can find a little information about MS Mobile Explorer for feature phones here:

MME for feature phone was discontinued in favour of the windows CE based version for smart phones.

The Sony CMD-Z5, Z7 and Benefon Q, are examples of phones which run some version of Microsoft Mobile Explorer; and were among the first to do so. Other phones also have MME on board; some of Sendo's earlier models for instance.

I purchased a Gameboy advance one foolish day with the intent of porting MME to it. Some weeks later after playing Advance Wars on it (it's quite good that game) I bought a flash linker and cart, and then of course I had to do something with it, this is the result.

Developed on VisualBoy AdvanceMME running on the GameBoy Advance SP


Microsoft Mobile Explorer 3.4244 in 8 bit colour for the Gameboy advance, using an ARM7TDMI 16MHz chip in 32 bit arm mode.

Tools & Kit:

Black Gameboy Advance
Silver Gameboy Advance SP
GCC in the devkitadv
GNU make
Windows 2000 command interpreter
Insight/GDB for ARM
Flash2Advance 128Mbit + F2A Linker cable
GNU Gimp
CVS 1.11.4
Tortoise CVS 1.2.2
WinCvs Beta 10 (build 1)

Here is the progress log- progress.txt and the latest build log.

I've have encountered a few difficulties along the way, make files especially are somewhat evil. I have found though that the browser is indeed very portable. Any troubles I came across that were significant are listed in the progress log. Having done this work which took approximately a month. It's quite clear that MME is quite portable.


I've just found out how to debug using Insight/GDB. It only seems to work with the SDL version of the VisualboyAdvance emulator. If only I had tried that sooner!

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This is probably as finished as it is going to get, except perhaps for changes to the demo pages.


Look new fonts! I couldn't see anything wrong with the old fonts myself :-) But someone said I needed to sort them out. I did, for your browsing pleasure.